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Songs I Grew Up with John Morgan

John Morgan is an incredibly talented songwriter turned singer who we had the pleasure to sit down and chat with on Tuesday for our installment of Songs I Grew Up On. He talked through the five songs that he believes raised him up to be the artist and performer he is today.

This North Carolina native is new to Nashville but has played music practically his whole life. “I grew up playing bluegrass music and I toured that circuit for seven-eight years until I got tired of it,” said Morgan. “I started really wanting to write my own music and sing stuff that I would want to say. That part’s been kinda a dream-come-true.”

Before transitioning to a front man himself, Morgan wrote songs for other country musicians to sing. His first cut was the hit song “I Didn’t Love You”, sung by Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood. It showed he had promise as well as some raw talent for songwriting. “It's been a huge blessing to me,“ he excliamed, "Just having my first cut be what it was.”

Now, Morgan sings his own songs, and he has a new one called “Good With Goodbye” that just came out last Friday. He’s also about to go on tour with Jason Aldean. Consider adding him to your “must listen” playlists, but in the meantime, here are the five songs John Morgan grew up on.

1. “Stranger in My House” by Ronnie Milsap

Morgan fell in love with Ronnie Milsap because of his incredible piano-playing abilities. That talent drew him towards Milsap’s music. “Most musicians listen to guitarists for inspiration,” said Morgan. “He was able to shred on the piano, and he can sing his ass off!”

2. “Every Mile a Memory” by Dierks Bentley

“This one’s kind of nostalgic for me because I remember the day I bought that record,” Morgan explained to <