Songs Ingrid Andress Wrote for Other Artists

Ingrid Andress is a young singer-songwriter who stands out by writing music in genres other than country. While Andress makes music for herself, she has collaborated with many other artists and written for some, such as Sam Hunt and Charli XCX. In 2021, she received nominations for Best New Artist for both the Grammy’s and the Academy of Country Music. One of her most well-known tunes is “More Hearts Than Mine,” ranked at #3 on the Country Airplay Chart and became a 2x Platinum hit. Here is a selection of songs that Ingrid Andress wrote for other artists.

1. "Boys" by Charli XCX

Our first choice is a favorite in the pop music world, “Boys” by Charli XCX. In her deluxe album, “Ladylike,” Andress released her acoustic version of the popular tune she once wrote years ago. The song brought out a natural and lush twist, along with a playful mandolin that is sure to attract listeners. d

2. "I Didn't Lie" by LANY

The band LANY’s “I Didn’t Lie,” offers an engaging merge of alternative rock and indie-pop. When listening closely, fans can sense the country roots that Andress wrote into the song. While the instrumental doesn’t shout it, the lyrics and pacing of the words certainly do.

3. "Invisible Chains" by Lauren Jauregui

Another tune co-written by Andress is “Invisible Chains,” performed by Lauren Jauregui. Some fans might recognize the song from the Birds of Prey soundtrack. This specific track by Andress truly feels like it was designed with a rock-pop genre in mind. With that noted, Andress’ talent is even more apparent as she can create a song for a genre different from her native one.

4. "About You" by FLETCHER

Another artist that Andress teamed up with was FLETCHER for the song “About You.” It is a pop-leaning tune that centers around the fears of not moving on from a relationship. While even apart, it can still be challenging to not think about someone you used to be with. It’s an emotional song that Andress helped FLETCHER pull together for her you ruined new york city for me EP.

5. "No Saint" by Lauren Jenkins

Lauren Jenkins’ “No Saint” is a self-reflective country track that acknowledges the imperfection in ourselves, and it is a raw and genuine tune about accepting our humanity. Once again, Andress displays her powerful songwriting talent by producing this touching truth of a song.

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