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Songs Written by ERNEST for Other Artists

ERNEST, also known as Ernest Keith Smith, is a singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. Before his own singles like “Bad Boy” and “Cheers” went big, he got his start writing hit singles for other country artists. Here are the top five songs that were written by ERNEST for other country artists.

1. “Heartless” by Diplo featuring Morgan Wallen

Diplo and Morgan Wallen released “Heartless” in August 2019. This track was a part of Diplo’s collaborative album called, Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley, Chapter 1: Snake Oil. Through this album, Diplo got to work with numerous singer-songwriters, including ERNEST. According to Billboard Magazine, “Heartless” reached the top 10 US Hot Country Songs of 2020. If you want a breakup song, check out this track, especially ERNEST’s version.

Video credit: Joshua Schaffer on YouTube

2. “Blessings” by Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line released “Blessings” in September 2019. The song peaked at number 23 on both the Hot Country Songs chart and the Country Airplay chart. The hit has a deep meaning behind it. In an interview with Lyric Magazine, ERNEST states it “contained a little guitar part I’d had since high school. So, it was like a good full-circle moment when that song came along and I got to finish it with FGL too.” In the same interview, he talks about how the track is the first song that holds a special place in his heart.

3. “Somebody’s Problem” by Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen and ERNEST co-wrote “Somebody’s Problem” which was later released in November 2020. The song ranked number three on the US Hot Country Songs Billboard chart in 2021. The song is about relationships: the good and the bad. In an interview with Lyric Magazine, ERNEST states, “I think my favorite song to be a part of is ‘Somebody’s Problem’ off the ‘Dangerous’ album. Yeah, that’s, that’s probably my favorite song that I’ve written recently.”

Video credit: Joshua Schaffer on YouTube

4. “Big, Big Plans” by Chris Lane

“Big, Big Plans” was co-written by Chris Lane and ERNEST and released in June 2019. In the Shure episode linked below, ERNEST talks about how he partnered with Lane to create a song for Lane’s upcoming proposal. He also talks about how awesome it was to be a part of Lane’s engagement. Later in the interview, he describes how writing this song opened the door for other opportunities like writing for other big country artists.

5. “One Mississippi” by Kane Brown

The newest track on the list, ERNEST has a songwriting credit on Kane Brown’s 2021 single, “One Mississippi” alongside fellow songwriters Jesse Frasure, Levon Gray, and Kane Brown himself. The song is currently making waves at radio stations across the country.


f you love these hits, make sure to check out ERNEST’s latest single, “Flower Shops” featuring Morgan Wallen.

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