Songs Written by Thomas Rhett for Other Artists

As the release date for Thomas Rhett’s new album Where We Started grows ever closer, looking back on Rhett’s career to date only reinforces his talent, both musically and lyrically. As many songs as Rhett writes and performs himself, his collaboration with other artists in the country music genre truly solidifies his place as one of country music’s most adaptable and formidable artists. In celebration of Thomas Rhett’s songwriting, here are four incredible songs you might not have known were written by Thomas Rhett for other artists.

1. “Some People Do” by Old Dominion (2019)

This song appears on Old Dominion’s album by the same name released in 2019. Thomas Rhett was one of four artists who wrote on the song, along with Matthew Ramsey, Jesse Frasure, and Shane McAnally. Rhett’s contribution to the song is easily identifiable with the use of lower instruments like cello and piano to emphasize the more serious lyrics concerning the importance of unconditional support systems.

2. “What Are We Doing” by Danielle Bradbery (2017)

Thomas Rhett participated in Danielle Bradbery’s most recent album, I Don’t Believe We Met in 2017, working with Bradbery herself along with Emily Weisband and Sam Ellis. The song blends easily with the rest of the album and is artfully introduced with both instruments, like the guitar, and non-instrument sounds like clapping. The combination adds a creative twist to the song and plays to Bradbery’s musical strengths as a performer.

3. “Think a Little Less” by Michael Ray (2015)

“Think a Little Less” appears on Michael Ray’s first album of the same name and was Ray’s second number one song on country radio. Rhett wrote the song alongside Barry Dean, Jon Nite, and Jimmy Robbins to combine classic country rhythm with poetic lyrics which insight powerful imagery upon listening. “Think A Little Less” continues to be one of Michael Ray’s most listened-to songs, with over 64 million streams on Spotify alone.

4. “1994″ by Jason Aldean (2013)

In contrast with some other songs that Thomas Rhett has worked on, this song brings out energetic characteristics. The track does an excellent job of capturing the act performing it – in this case, the established upbeat sound of Jason Aldean. The use of the electric guitar raises the mood of not just the song but the entire album, demonstrating how Thomas Rhett is adaptable to writing for any artist.

Despite Where We Started being several months away, it’s difficult not to get excited about any piece of music Thomas Rhett is behind. In remembering music performed by others and written by Rhett, anticipation over his new original content only continues to grow.

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