Spencer Crandall “Made” Song Review

Rising country artist Spencer Crandall has already solidified a bright future full of success. He’s a TikTok star and has greatly utilized social media to help launch his career, accumulating more than two million followers and over 20 million total likes. As those numbers continue to increase, so does Crandalls ability to explore the genre when writing and producing music. The all-around innovator and creator released his brand new single titled, “Made,” which he had teased on TikTok with a video that surpassed over three million views and half a million likes.

The uptempo ballad written by Crandall, Ian McConnell, Andrew Beason, and Jeff Cherry is the first teaser from an impending 2022 project. Just like his hit single “My Person,” which created a wave of fan-made videos and was recently added to Sirius XM’s The Highway on full-rotation, “Made” shows off the Denver native’s outstanding vocals as well as his expertise in songwriting. 

Through the lyrics, Crandall is pleasing listeners with his cognizance that a perfect relationship is not something one can automatically wake up with or make happen with the snap of fingers, but something that is MADE when you spend all your days and nights working towards it. It’s proven that hard work pays off, and that can be applied in the search for a soulmate too.

“Soulmates aren’t found, they’re made / Yeah we choose each other every day / Even when we bend we know we won’t break / We just bounce back better cause soulmates aren’t found / They’re forced in the same fire / Work at it even when we get tired / Making ups out of downs / Doing all that it takes / Cause soulmates aren’t found, they’re made.”

Following the release of the new single and his continuing momentum, Crandall will wrap up his exciting year on Kidd G’s Down Home Boy Tour and additional tour dates with rising superstar Ashley Cooke for the My Person Tour.

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