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Stu Basham Talks New Single "Who Died And Made You John Wayne?"

Independent singer-songwriter Stu Basham is starting off 2023 with new music. Basham represents the thousands of music hopefuls in Nashville pursuing their dreams. "There’s nothing I’m more passionate about than creating and playing music. It’s what motivates me to get up early each morning and write," shares Basham. Now with a new single, he wants people to get a bigger picture of who he is and what he aims to do.

Growing up in Oregon, Basham always knew music was the path for him. "I’ve wanted to do music since I got a cheap keyboard for Christmas at age 5. I’ve wanted to play in bands ever since and have tried all types of genres from jam band, pop, indie rock, and now I feel like I’ve found a home in country music," says Basham. He went on to add, "I didn’t find country music until my 20s because I wasn’t raised around it. I had friends play a few songs but it wasn’t really until I met my wife and she turned me onto '90s country (music she grew up on) and mainstream country of the 2000s. She planted a seed that finally came to the forefront a few years ago and I fell in love with the music."