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Takeaways from Luke Combs' Appearance on Joe Rogan's Podcast

Luke Combs is gearing up for the release of his brand new album, Gettin' Old, so he is making the interview rounds. Appearing on Joe Rogan's popular podcast happens to be one of the more exciting stops along the way. The country superstar got candid on a variety of subjects, so here is what fans can learn after listening.

Combs got his start on the social media platform Vine

The singer began posting videos of himself singing cover songs as well as songs he started writing. "When I got my first deal, I already had a built-in fan base," said Combs. He also shared that when he moved to Nashville he realized that wasn't always the norm.


Combs declared to Rogan, "My biggest fear is making the same record 100 times." They touched on how it can be good for artists to be self-analyzing since it shows how much they care about their music. Artists can feel the pressure of wanting to stay true to themselves while trying out different sounds and styles. Combs admits that even to this day he still gets nervous about how his new music will be received.

"There's a lot of people I know in town that are a lot more talented than me"

The importance of songwriters will never be lost on Combs. A songwriter himself, he discussed how there are plenty of songwriters in Nashville that tried to be artists, but it would never pan out. "I have some friends that had the deal, went the route, but then the artist thing wasn't for them either," shared Combs. He also touched on how the PR behind being an artist can discourage talented people from being in front of the camera.

Combs can't read music