Taylor Swift feat. Maren Morris “You All Over Me” Review

Taylor Swift just dropped “You All Over Me” (From The Vault) which features country artist and songwriter Maren Morris.

When it was announced that Taylor Swift would be re-recording albums 1-6, the anticipation was high to see how the singer would go about taking on the challenge of rolling out albums that had already been heard. A little later on, Swift revealed each re-recording would contain new songs that had never made the final cut of each album; the excitement the fans had grew even more. Swift deems these new songs “From The Vault.” The first new song from the vault is titled “You All Over Me” and it features backing vocals from country singer and GRAMMY Award winning artist Maren Morris. The song comes a few weeks before the official release of Fearless (Taylor’s Version), the re-recording of Swift’s second studio album that originally came out in 2008.

The song starts out with an acoustic guitar and a harmonica setting the pace for a light-hearted country sound that is reminiscent of Swift’s earlier country music. During the first chorus, Morris’ vocals come creeping in. Their vocals mesh together beautifully as Morris harmonizes with her lower register while Swift sings the main melody. Morris’ grounding vocals add a level of emotional depth to this song. Swift adding her on the track was a great choice since Morris is a recognized artist in the contemporary country scene. Layering Morris’ familiar country voice over her own reminds listeners where Swift’s roots lie especially since Swift’’s Fearless is currently the most awarded country album in history.

Taylor Swift All Over Me

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The lyrics in “You All Over Me” tell the story of a lingering infatuation that Swift describes gracefully in her songwriting as she recounts “old county roads” and “old bathroom stalls.” One of the most powerful moments in the song is when Swift sings about acceptance in the final chorus, “I lived, and I learned and found out what it was to turn around / And see that we were never really meant to be / So I lied, and I cried, and I watched a part of myself die.” Swift then goes on to sing a repeating line that strikes listeners throughout the whole song, “Cause no amount of freedom gets you clean.”

There is something special about hearing a grown-up Swift sing about young heartbreak and learning from a relationship knowing this song was written by her teenage self. Comparing the lyrics from “You All Over Me” to some of her most recent work such as her song “Lover” from the album Lover, or track “Invisible String” from Folklore, shows a beautiful contrast between young love and mature love and the journey to finally finding true love. Hearing Swift singing songs from the Fearless era as a 31-year-old woman displays growth and a sense of hope that we can look back on our pasts in a new light after moving on.

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