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Tenille Arts featuring Maddie & Tae "Last Time Last" Song Review

In the perfect song about growing up, Tenille Arts teams up with duo Maddie & Tae to create a new pop-country hit.

The orchestration of this song has a neat combination of synths and country-sounding guitars riffing over the song. The pairing of these styles balances perfectly to make the song feel like it’s reminiscing in the same way Arts and Maddie & Tae do with the lyricism.

This track reflects on the quick passing of childhood and youth, and how it’s important to cherish every moment possible. The lyrics in this song are clear in conveying this message to the listener. In the verses, there are specific and sensory memories, like “We’ve all kicked that very last / Kickball in the cul-de-sac / Back when fireflies were the curfew / Flipped that last solo cup / Senior year, house party buzz."

The chorus is used as a warning about wasting moments in order to connect the verses. The trio sings bittersweetly, “No one taps you on the shoulder, says/ 'Hey when this is over / Someday you’re gonna