Tenille Townes “Villain in Me” Song Review

Rising artist, Tenille Townes, has proven numerous times that she is extremely capable of crafting personal, deep songs. The Canadian country music singer is constantly inspired by the people around her and their stories. She loves that music has a way of making everybody feel like they aren’t alone and like everything will be okay. Townes has released her highly-anticipated new single titled “Villain In Me,” continuing to use brilliant, relatable songwriting as a way to express her emotions.

Townes has teased the intimate, moving single on her social media a few times over the past few weeks. She even gave credit to her fans through a comment on Instagram saying that they are the reason she found the courage to put this song out. “I’m equal parts a basket of nerves and excited about it,” she shared.

Everybody has a villain in them. The annoying, ruthless voice in the back of their head that they try so hard to drown out. The one that tells them they aren’t skinny enough, pretty enough, or smart enough when they look in the mirror. The release of “Villain In Me” and the impact Townes has already made on fans with her other hits, will provide listeners with a feeling of comfort. Knowing they aren’t alone in their thoughts, and that even very talented celebrities feel this way too.

Her ability to grab the attention of fans just by being a great storyteller really shines in this piece. The heartfelt track captivates you from the beginning and keeps you locked in until the end. She truly hit the nail on the head of what it’s like to fight that villain in you.

Tenille Townes "Villain in Me"

“The voice that I don’t wanna hear / The hurtful words I say / The long list of things about myself I wanna change / The heavy cloud that won’t leave even after it rains / I try to be a hero ‘til it brings me to my knees / Yeah, there’s a villain in me.”

The artist’s unique vocal ability and emotive power behind the delivery of her lyrics set her apart from others in the industry. With this new release and the news she just recently told the world about going on her first US headlining tour in 2022, Townes is nearing the end of this year with so much excitement coming her way.

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