Tenille Townes “When’s It Gonna Happen” Song Review

Grande Prairie native Tenille Townes got her start on radio in her teens and got her big break with her 2020 single “Somebody’s Daughter” after moving to Nashville just a couple years prior. She’s known for her natural gift for intimate songwriting that shines through her entire debut album, The Lemonade Stand. Townes’ first release of 2022, “When’s It Gonna Happen” stays true to her theme of sympathetic lyrics embedded in a pop-country sound.

“Never been good at expectations / I think I expect too much / But if it’s any consolation / I still believe in love” are the all too relatable lyrics that begin Townes’ newest single. She goes on to set the scene “I know I got your invitation / Can’t wait for Rosemary Beach / Guess I should tell you he’s not comin’ / There’s no plus one just me.” Townes’ powerful storytelling skills are at play just from the first verse, giving us visuals instantly that any girl, whether sixteen or thirty-five, can connect with.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m the last one standing / I look around and all my friends are falling in love / I’m scared to death I’ll be the last one standin’ / Can’t be the only one thinkin’ / When’s it gonna happen, happen to me? / I know it’s supposed to happen naturally / When’s it gonna happen to me?”

Vulnerability, relatability, and personality are all words to describe what Tenille Townes is handing us with the emotionally charged chorus of “When’s It Gonna Happen.” Townes’ songs, amongst their upbeat pop-country sound, are reliable on their lyrics–which, in her case–is not a bad thing at all. The lyrics grab at our hearts, bringing us back to moments in our life where we could relate to them more than ever, and leave us to feel along with her.

"When's It Gonna Happen" by Tenille Townes

Townes’ “When’s It Gonna Happen” takes visual storytelling, songwriting, and country music to create a song that all girls and women will be singing along to for years to come. She clearly sets the scenes for the moments in her song herself but gives us room to see ourselves within them, which is a talent in and of itself. With her recent rising success, empathetic songwriting, and passion for her art, there’s no end to what Tenille Townes can do in this new year.

“Will it happen on a Tuesday afternoon / When I’m sitting at a cafe down the street / Will you say hello and I know it’s you / And you say hello and you know it’s me?”

Being the odd one out, the only single friend, and fantasizing about when it might be your turn is not a feeling Townes is alone in, and she brings it to light in her newest addition to her catalog.

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