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The Comancheros 'Memphis to Mexico' Album Review

Southern band The Comancheros have released their newest album, Memphis to Mexico. The album brings country rock back in style with seven amazing songs. Known for their raspy voices and high energy, the group proudly creates an album that captures the essence of their unique style. This lively album tells descriptive stories that are perfect for any mood.

“Old Mexico” kicks off the album. This song is an upbeat, country-rock anthem that’s perfect for a road trip. This catchy tune transitions to “Shoot Me Down," which is a lively beat about rejection; the track really shows off the raspy, rock voices of the band.

“If I was a Cowboy” contains a slower vibe for the country rock group. The song captures the western feel by using a low electric guitar. This song’s chill sound quickly transitions to “Yellow Roses," which is sure to be a favorite due to its storytelling lyrics and upbeat, happy tempo.

For a pure rock sound, the band includes the relatable entry, “Happy Birthday to Me." The lyrics are intricately creative and tell a detailed story: “Of all the days of the year / This is the one that I fear." The chorus is extremely catchy, making this the new country rock birthday song for years to come.