The Highlights from Tracy Lawrence’s Career

Tracy Lawrence has had quite a career and has been able to conquer different aspects of the music industry by taking part in singing, songwriting, and producing. The now 54-year-old country artist made his debut in 1991 with his hit song “Sticks and Stones” and has been making music ever since. In total, he has come out with 14 studio albums, eight compilation albums, and 46 singles. To celebrate the prosperous career of Lawrence, we take time today to emphasize five of his hits in honor of his birthday.

1. “Sticks and Stones” from the album Sticks and Stones (1991)

“These sticks and stones ain’t all that makes a home / They don’t have arms to hold you when love goes wrong / Now you say we are through / Those sticks and stones may break me / But the words you said just tore my heart in two.”

2. “If The World Had A Front Porch” from the album I See It Now (1994)

“Purple hulls and pintos, I’ve shelled more than my share / As lightning bugs and crickets danced in the evening air / And like a beacon that old yellow bulb, it always led me home / Somehow mama always knew just when to leave it on.”

3. “Find Out Who Your Friends Are” from the album For the Love (2007)

“Run out and crank up their car / Hit the gas get their fast / Never stop to think ‘what’s in it for me?’ or ‘it’s way too far.’ / They just show on up with their big old heart / You find out who your friends are.”

4. “Alibis” from the album Alibis (1993)

“By those alibis and lying eyes and all the best lines / Lord knows she’s heard them all / She’s been cheated on and pushed around and left alone / Lord knows what I’ve put her through.”

5. “I See It Now” from the album I See It Now (1994)

“Oh, I never saw that look in your eyes / And I never had you hold me that tight / And I never saw you dance with your feet off the ground / Oh, but I see it now.”

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