The Nash New Artist Interview: Chase Martin

After graduating high school at the very young age of 16, Chase Martin knew she had to follow her dreams of becoming a country singer. She deferred a scholarship she received to go to Vanderbilt University, and took a year off to continue playing shows around her hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. She was able to book gigs as the opening act when Nashville-based headliners would come to perform in her area and fell in love with performing. “I caught the bug,” she says. “When the year between high school and college came to an end, she had to have an honest conversation with her family. “I told my parents, ‘Hey, I’m still moving to Nashville but,’” she pauses. “‘Not to go to Vanderbilt.’”

Growing up, Martin was naturally musically gifted as she went to an arts school for both middle and high school. She was in her school’s band, took guitar lessons, and sang from a young age. She also started writing songs when she was only 12. She was inspired by acts like Miranda Lambert, Patsy Cline, and Tracy Lawrence. “I just love them so much. The way that they could tell a story was just, man, you don’t see that very often,” she says. Vocally, she admired icons like Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston.

Towards the end of 2020, Martin landed a record deal with RECORDS, an imprint of Sony Music, and shortly after released her spunky single “Levi Denim.” A record deal is something she has thought about and wished for since she was eight. “I had been dreaming of that moment for such a long time and signed at the height of a global pandemic all alone in my apartment via DocuSign,” she tells us. “It was definitely a weird thing.”

Because her career started to blossom in the pandemic, Martin has turned to social media to engage with followers and fans. On Instagram, Martin has over 180,000 followers and on TikTok, she has almost 30,000 followers. Her social media is incredibly engaging and enjoyable. She posts videos teasing new music, showing behind the scenes content, and even videos where she dances. “Social media, for me, has always been so important because I’ve just always loved getting to meet people without ever even stepping foot out of my apartment,” she says. “It really was a lifesaver for my career at the time of a global pandemic because it was a way to be able to remain in touch with your followers without being able to tour and see them in person.”

Country singer Chase Martin

Photo by Julia Cox

On TikTok, she teased her song “Forever + 1” in a video that got over 88,000 views and 25,000 likes. Chase wrote the song for her sister’s wedding in a co-writing session with Joe Fox and Phil Barton. The morning of her co-write she found out her sister was engaged and planning her wedding. As a songwriter, Martin admits she constantly thinks about the first No. 1 hit she’ll break through with, but her feelings that day changed. “I thought to myself, ‘Man, I’ve never written with these two guys before, I don’t know what their style is, I don’t even care about writing a No. 1 song today. I just want to write something special for my sister, on her wedding day that I can sing to her and her husband and our families. And everybody will feel it because it’s true.’” When they were throwing ideas around for the love song she was determined to write, the phrase “Forever plus one” slipped out of her mouth and they all immediately started writing. Her manager was moved by the demo and thought it was a hit so Martin recorded it right away. “The song was such a learning experience for me. It comes from a really special place inside of me.” The music video for “Forever + 1” is set to drop on June 11th. As for the rest of 2021, Martin plans on releasing new music, playing live shows throughout the summer, and meeting fans from the internet, in person. To keep up with Chase Martin, follow her on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook.

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