The Nash New Artist Interview: Hayden Haddock

Rising country singer Hayden Haddock is still a student. Haddock currently lives in College Sation where he attends Texas A&M; he’s in his senior year. Unlike most of his peers, Haddock is a recording artist who books his weekends with live performances. “It’s one of the toughest things I’ve ever done in my life especially as I’m getting to this last year,” he says while talking about his work-life balance. “This semester is probably the hardest in terms of juggling the music and the school thing. I try to get my school work done during the week that way I don’t have to worry about it when we’re on the road.”

Haddock, who’s originally from the Fort Worth, Texas area, has garnered over three million streams across all platforms. He’s also opened up for artists like Randall King, Steve Wariner, Roger Creager, Kevin Fowler, and more. During the pandemic, it was easier for Haddock to balance music and school because it was all online, but with things opening back up and live music in full force, he’s had an intense past year. 

Haddock grew up listening to ‘90s country music; the true golden age of the genre. “I remember going around with my dad, riding with my brother in his truck before I got my driver’s license, it was a bunch of Tracy Lawrence, stuff like that,” he tells us. “Obviously George Strait, my dad always loved Randy Travis. That’s what I think is true country music. That’s why my original stuff has that ‘ 90s vibe to it.”

Haddock was in middle school when the country music scene in Texas took off with artists like Cody Johnson. “He definitely was a big inspiration,” he says. Haddock now works with Trent Willmon who’s best known for writing and producing music of Cody Johnson’s music. Haddock’s latest album Red Dirt Texas was entirely produced by Willmon who championed and believed in the project. It followed his debut record, First Rodeo which came out two years prior. “It was such a great experience and that record definitely helped boost my career to what it is now. It pushed things forward as we were hoping for,” he explains. “The only downfall was that we decided to put it out in January of 2020.” When the world shut down three months later, Haddock was able to promote it using social media and livestreams.

Hayden Haddock

Haddock’s latest single, “Wind It Down” came out last month on October 15th. Haddock alongside Willmon was trying to figure out what the next step was in terms of music when the track found its way into the conversation. “We were sitting there and Trent was like, ‘Man, I wrote this song with Wynn Williams,’ who’s another Texas artist here that I know. He’s like ‘Wynn didn’t want to record it so let’s see if you like it,’” Haddock exclaims. “I fell in love with it right when I heard it.”

The lyrics of the track discuss how groups of friends will often end up at the same place to spend the night. In the chorus, he sings, “We always wind up right here / At this same waterin’ hole / Where all of my friends are crackin’ the same cold beers and the same ol’ jokes.” It has a laid-back, twangy feel. “It reminded me of living here at College Station,” Haddock tells us. “We have this bar called Dixie Chicken that’s been here since 1974. It came out exactly how we wanted so we decided to put it out as the very first piece of new music in almost two years from me.”

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