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The Nash New Artist Interview: Maggie Baugh

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Maggie Baugh grew up in Boca Raton, Florida where she learned to play the violin at a young age. She got accepted into a middle school for the arts where she was a part of the orchestra program. “I started getting bullied at school really badly and started writing my feelings down on paper just as poetry; an outlet to kind of escape from all of that,” she tells us. Her violin teacher told her to put a guitar in her hand and that’s when Baugh fell in love with singing and songwriting. She always knew what she wanted to do and where she needed to be so after graduating high school, she moved to Nashville at 18-years-old. “It was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Before the pandemic hit, Baugh was continuously on the road and playing live shows. “Touring has always been a huge part of me and my story and who I am,” she exclaims. On her Instagram page, there’s numerous videos of her in front of a crowd displaying high energy and astounding stage presence. If there was something she knows how to do best, it’s how to pump up a crowd. She was able to turn negatives into positives because she says, “If it wasn’t for this time, I probably would not be the human or the writer that I am today.” She also goes on to say, “I will never take another show for granted.”

Her newest song, “Think About Me” was inspired by the loss of live events and touring that came with the COVID-19 pandemic. “‘Think About Me’ sounds like a breakup song on the surface, but really there’s such a deeper meaning to it,” she explains. When she was no longer able to tour, she was devastated. “Think About Me” was one of the first songs she wrote in quarantine and when she heard it in her producer’s car, along with all of the other songs she had written and recorded in quarantine, it was the only one that brought her to tears. “It made all the loss and unanswered questions worth it because I got that song out of it,” she says. “So I knew that was the first song we should put out.” 

Maggie Baugh