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Nashvillains is a new country band made up of members Troy Johnson, Brett Boyett, and Scott Lindsey; the three were brought together by Boyett. Boyett is a veteran songwriter and composer who created music for television shows like Friday Night Lights, Everybody Loves Raymond, and My Name is Earl. He met Johnson while working on the film Forever My Girl by using him as a demo singer for the tracks he would pitch to Universal; he revered his vocals. Johnson himself is a veteran songwriter who has penned tracks for Trace Adkins, Montgomery Gentry, and more. Boyett met Lindsey, another esteemed singer-songwriter whose track “You Only Call Me When You’re Drunk” landed in the top 40, through a mutual friend at a songwriters festival. Soon enough the three were in Nashville making music as a band. “It was all downhill from there,” they said before the three broke out in contagious laughter.

The unforgettable name of the band was coined by Boyett. “I just thought it was a really cool name. I’ve always loved outlaw country and I was like ‘Surely someone’s got that and taken that name,’” Boyett tells us. However through their label and a trademark attorney they found that it wasn’t, so they were able to use it for themselves.

The band has only put out three tracks so far, their first single came out in the later half of 2020, but their goal has always been to create something different. Their sound combines pop elements with both contemporary country and traditional country sounds. “We each come from a very organic place individually. Brett likes rock and roll, I’m more of a blues guy, and Scott brings the Kentucky bluegrass into the mix so it’s very grounded in the roots of each genre,” Johnson says. “I’m pretty proud of how we’ve been able to do that.” As a group they also pride themselves on using orchestral instruments in their production and on stage.

Their most recent release is a song called “Who Don’t” which was handpicked for the band by acclaimed composer Steve Dorff who’s also good friends with Boyett. The track was written by his son Andrew Dorff who tragically passed away in 2016; he was holding onto the songs until the right project came along. “We heard it and we were like ‘That’s a smash.’” The music video was directed by Brian Vaughn and is fun, carefree, and features scenes at a party, in a Cadillac convertible, and in a laundromat. “What was really cool was that a lot of the extras that you see, those are actually friends of ours,” they said.

Due to the pandemic, the group has gone to social media to entertain fans and put out engaging content in order to still be in front of people. They started “Nashvillains’ Broke Down Sessions” where they interview some of their friends and play music with them. Every Tuesday evening they participate in a Facebook live called “Nashvillains Happy Hour.” They have featured guests who are involved in different aspects of the entertainment industry like engineers, photographers, and of course, other musicians. “They’re all people who have made names that are very successful in their fields,” they tell us. “I think that kind of pulls back the curtain a little bit on how all of this works.”


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The band is currently working on both music and visuals for upcoming releases. They also look forward to getting back on the road as the world slowly returns to some form of normalcy. Right now, they want to continue the focus on social platforms and engagement as they tell us, “We’re going to continue this social media push and try to give the fans as much content as we can.” You can follow Nashvillains on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

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