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Up-and-coming country artist Royale Lynn hails from a small town in Canada called Aylmer, not too far from the Michigan border. Her strong roots originated on the horse farm where she grew up, and learned a lot from her mom who loved and trained horses. “My mom was a tough girl; my mom was a cowboy,” she tells us. “And even my mom will tell you, I traded in my pony for a guitar.” Growing up, she nurtured her love for music by taking voice lessons and playing the guitar. Country music resonated with her due to her small town background, and vividly remembers listening to a Shania Twain cassette tape with her mom in the car.  

Royale Lynn

She fell in love with the stage when she was deemed the “Canadian Hannah Montana” and traveled around the country playing tribute shows as the Disney star. “I would play half the show as Hannah, take off the wig, and then play half the show as Miley,” she explained. “It was really the best of both worlds.” She can also pinpoint the exact moment when she knew singing and performing would become her career instead of just a hobby. “I knew I wanted to do this for the rest of my life when I stood in front of 20,000 people on Canada Day.”

Six years ago, at the age of 21, Lynn left her small town for Nashville and bursts with passion when she talks about the city saying, “I want to stay here forever.” The entirety of her family still lives back in Canada, so she’s pursuing this dream all on her own. In her six years of being in Nashville, she has put out music that is reminiscent of a sound that she calls, “Cowgirl Country:” A more traditional, western country sound that is inspired by the likes of Cody Johnson and Kacey Musgraves. To Lynn, the most important aspect of music making is the truth in the words she writes. “I want to stay as honest in my music as possible.” And she is able to do just that through her lyricism in songs like “Rocket Man,” “Alcatraz,” and most recently in a track called “His & Hers.”

“His & Hers,” released on May 7th, is the latest single from Lynn. The idea for the song came when she was out for a run. “I was running a 5k. I was doing a full-on sprint and came to a complete stop; everyone around me probably thought I was crazy,” she said through a giggle. “But I walked home to write it down.” She wrote the track with Hunter Girl and Joybeth Taylor and decided to tease it on the app TikTok where she had already accumulated over 1 million views. Over half a million people viewed the video teasing “His & Hers” before it was available to buy or stream. The song documents a story of a relationship where the girl is the one who messes it up. “We don’t really talk about that in country music. I was inspired by my own life because I get so busy that it is hard to focus on a relationship because of how much I insert myself into my career,” she tells us. 

Due to her rising fan base, the song reached over 3 thousand pre-saves and made it into the Top 50 of the iTunes Country Chart. Currently, Lynn is being sponsored by Boot Barn and is featured as their “emerging artist” for the month of May. They will be playing her songs on radio stations WKDF-FM, WSIX-FM, and WSM-FM. Keep up with Royale Lynn by following her Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter.

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