The Nash New Artist Interview: Sam Grow

“Music has just always been a passion and an obsession for me, I am a music fan before I am a musician, I’ve always loved watching people play and sing.” – Sam Grow

Sam Grow

Born in Southern Maryland, but spending several years as a child in Kansas, our next Nash New Artist is Sam Grow and he tells us all about how his passion for music has propelled him into a career of writing his truth and performing for his growing fanbase.

His father, one of his biggest supporters in life was a big old school country and bluegrass fan during Grow’s early years. They would go to festivals in Kansas and from an early age, he envied the musicians up on that stage. When he was 13 he asked his father for a guitar, and after “earning” it but learning to play a Sam Cooke song, “Bring It On Home”, Grow was gifted that guitar, one that he still has and plays to this day. That simple parenting decision as a teenager has gone on to teach him a ton about life and the music industry, this career is not a handout, you have to work hard, put the time and effort in to make it.

“Songwriting was just a natural thing for me, my parents split at a young age, so I had all of these feelings about it and the one thing that felt natural to do was write it down,” he tells us. “Eventually, I would make those feelings rhyme and after I would finish writing it down I would feel better, it became my natural therapy for, what would be the rest of my life, when I go through something, whether it be sad, happy or anything, I write those feelings down on a paper and I feel better after.”

When he was just 20 years old, Grow’s life changed forever when he held his baby daughter for the first time. That moment changed the meaning of his life, knowing that making his dreams a reality just became that much more important. “When you hold a child in your arms for the first time, you realize that everything you do from that point on directly affects that life,” he says. His daughter always knew that her dad loved to sing and perform, so he didn’t want to look back and say that he gave up his chance at those dreams. “My daughter is a huge motivator for me because it’s limitless now, she thinks she can do anything because her dad can go and make music for a job, she can do anything.” Lucky for him, she wants to be a heart surgeon, he laughed as he says “Thank you Grey’s Anatomy”.

In 2019, Grow took a leap of faith and signed a record deal with Nashville-based label Average Joe’s which was founded by Colt Ford. “Signing with Average Joe’s was one of the best things I’ve ever done, Colt Ford and the team at Average Joe’s are family to me,” he explains. Speaking about losing his father just a few weeks before signing his record deal, Grow gets emotional when recalling the day he signed, knowing his father was watching over him as he and Colt Ford took a sip out of his father’s flask in honor of his dad and Ford raised the glass and said: “JR I promise you, I will take care of your son like he was my own”. Grow tells us how Ford has kept his promise since that day and has treated him and his music with the utmost respect.

Just released last week, Grow is celebrating his new single “Better Than Me” which is a solo write, a song inspired by a fight he and he girlfriend had, and his true love for her. “At first I was really angry because we were fighting and upset and wanted to write an angry song but I couldn’t find the words to do it, all I could focus on was just that, I am not the eaiest guy to be with, it’s really had to be in my life, I’m gone all of the time, I am always focusing on music and putting it on a pedestal and Jordan is a truly amazing person, I didn’t want to write her an F U song, but if we do move on from today, I want you to find better than me, you do deserve the best.”

Finally, Grow is looking forward to performing much more on the road in 2021 as well as releasing more music for fans. “The great thing about Spotify, Apple, and Pandora, you can keep feeding them music and they love it,” he tells us. “A bunch of music is coming, keep touring and keep writing and keep singing my songs to people who want to hear them.” To find out his touring schedule head to and follow his journey on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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