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“I grew up with country music which is kind of unheard of over here for some people,” rising country singer Sofia Claire tells us. Claire grew up in Redwood City, California, an area that sits between the major cities of San Francisco and San Jose. “I know half of the people over here love country music and the other half hates it.” Claire falls in the former category as her mom and aunt raised her on the genre with artists like George Strait and Alan Jackson. “All of my idols now were who I grew up with because of my mom and my aunt. My brothers ended up loving country music too so we would always go to country concerts together,” she exclaims. “Now we play guitar together and pick out our favorite songs. I’m in a family of country music lovers.”

When she was little, her mom was cleaning the house when she heard Claire singing while she played with her Barbie dolls. “She heard me singing and was like, ‘Oh my gosh, you have a voice.’ And I was like, ‘Wait, hold on, do I?’” Shortly after her mom’s discovery, she was put into artistic outlets like theatre and vocal lessons to foster her talent. About a year and a half ago, she taught herself how to play guitar.

Claire currently balances going to college alongside her growing music career. “Singing is such a huge part of my life, right? It’s my career. But, there’s also this other part of me that goes to school every day so it’s hard. It’s hard to balance both,” she says earnestly. Pursuing a college degree came from a deal that was made with her parents who wanted her to chase her dreams while also getting a higher education; she’s getting her bachelor’s in marketing. Although it’s come with difficulties, Claire is appreciative of her unique experience. “Looking back, I’m really grateful that my parents pushed me to get my degree because now I only have a year left and I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t end up making that decision with them,” she states. “It’s a learning experience and I think it has taught me so much about time management, organization, and figuring out your priorities.”

Her debut single “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing Today” takes on a personal meaning for Claire as well as a figurative meaning that can be interpreted in a plethora of different ways. Claire grew up a dancer and it still remains a passion of hers as she currently participates in her university’s dance team. “There was that literal aspect of the song that really drew me to it. I remember so many nights being at the studio late, even just doing my own shows, it’s hard sometimes,” she elaborates. “Sometimes you don’t feel like putting on that face or getting out there, sometimes you’re just tired.” 

Sofia Claire

Her second single “Always Almost over You” was another track pitched to Claire; it came out in early November and has already passed ten thousand streams on Spotify. One of the writers on the track, Michael Wilkes, was someone Claire had previously worked with. “He’s just amazing,” she tells us with conviction. Other writers include Summer Overstreet and Jesse Murphy. “He sent me a bunch of songs and this one just totally stood out to me. It was so fun and upbeat and I love the overall vibe of the song. It just reminded me of a summer girl anthem,” Claire says passionately. “I feel like so many people have that one person that they’re always almost over or that one thing that they’re almost over.” Her second single presented the perfect contrast to “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing Today.” Where her introduction was sad, slow, and heavy, “Always Almost over You” is polished with electric guitars and meant to be screamed on a summer drive with the windows down.

Going into 2022, Claire already has a few more singles in the works and hopes to get on the road in the summer of next year.

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