The Young Fables feat. Liz Longley "A Thing Or Two" Song Review

Country duo, The Young Fables, worked with singer/song-writer Liz Longley to release their newest single, “A Thing Or Two.” The Americana vibe that The Young Fables brings to their music pairs well with Longley’s unique sound. Considering both are skilled in blending styles, it’s no wonder they came together to create this beautiful love song.

The humble tone of the lyrics establishes the notion that while Longley may not know a lot of things about love, she's confident that she's deeply in love. Longley sings, “Don’t know much about love / But loving you, I know a thing or two.” The tune produces a feeling that it’s just two lovers in the world together, content in the presence of one another.

Longley has won multiple songwriting competitions and her voice is on par with her songwriting talent. The same skill can easily be found in The Young Fables, with their detailed storytelling and beautiful voices. Their work with Longley is the gem the music industry didn’t know it needed.

The three-part harmony adds so many beautiful layers to an already deeply emotional song. The trio sing of the way fate brings love into your life as they croon, “All of the wrongs and the trouble I’ve made / Every stumble push me out of place / I fell into loving you.” It’s powerful and beautiful from the lyrics to the romantic tone of each vocalist.

“A Thing Or Two” is a love song that brings a warm feeling about the simplicity of love. With the skill Longley brings to the duo’s pre-existing talent and distinctive sound, the song achieves a romantic, unique sound.

In addition to the new song, The Young Fables announced that their new full-length project Pages will be out on September 30th.

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