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The Young Fables "Wonder If We Did" Song Review

The Young Fables have released a brand new song titled "Wonder If We Did." The Duo, who are popular on TikTok, explore the range of emotions that come along with falling in love.

Laurel Wright and Wes Lunsford make up the musical duo. They hail from East Tennessee and are heavily inspired by the likes of Patsy Cline and Glen Campbell. On their website, Wright and Lunsford say they put out music that "discuss themes and topics typically saved for the therapy couch." Their debut album came out in 2017, and they have enjoyed connecting to their fans ever since.

This duo takes it all the way back to a traditional country sound with "Wonder If We Did." Wright's voice begins the track in the most soothing and captivating way. She sings the inner thoughts that often creep into a woman's mind, "We don't have to love each other till the end / But I wonder what would happen if we did."

The track is about the different perspectives that happen when two people