Thomas Rhett ‘Country Again Side A’ Album Review

Thomas Rhett’s next studio album Country Again Side A is available everywhere you buy or stream music now, April 30th.

With every song written by Rhett, Country Again is a return to his roots that showcases the soul of a young aspiring songwriter who has lived through these stories. The lead single from the project, “What’s Your Country Song” landed him his 17th number one song, and there is no doubt that several more songs from this project will hit the top of the country radio charts. With heartfelt songs to his daughters like (“To The Guys That Date My Girls”) or the party song featuring rising artist and songwriter HARDY (“Put It On Ice”) this project has something for each type of country fan.

Country Again: Side A is everything I wanted to say when I was 19 years old but hadn’t lived enough to know how to say any of those things yet,” Rhett shared about the project. “It’s about the crazy journey that took me out into the world over the last ten years and ultimately brought me back home, more centered and content than ever, with a deep understanding for what’s important in life. I’ve had a blast sharing some of these songs in their acoustic form during quarantine and am blown away by the reaction the fans have already shown.”

In an exclusive interview for media, Rhett discussed the process of writing and getting ready to release the album as well as the silver linings of quarantine and being a touring musician at home and a present father. “I had to do everything during nap time,” he joked about when he had the chance to hop on socials and play his new songs. “It was a crazy year, for me there was. a moment there where I was feeling like is this ever going to return back to normal, and so I think once I took a step back and realized, being where my feet are, is kind of my new motto, I can’t predict 10 months down the road, all I really have is today, it just made me enjoy life so much more.” I think balancing that was kind of easy, my wife knew I needed a little bit of an outlet to be able to come downstairs and write songs but there was a part of me that was like, maybe I don’t write today, I am enjoying being with my kids so much, they inspired so much of this music.” He also said that getting on Instagram Live was the highlight of his week because he got to interact with people in real time and get their reaction from their new songs.

A highlight on the project, “Heaven Right Now” is a quiet prayer to someone who has passed away and Rhett’s simple reflection on the time he wishes he could have spent with them. “Are you fishin’ are you flyin’ / How much greener is the grass / are you older are you younger have you met Johnny Cash” he sings. “Anyway thought I’d say hey, it’s getting late and I’m putting these babies down, I wonder whatcha doin’ in heaven right now”. While “To The Guys That Date My Girls” is another highlight “you’re holding my whole world, just a friendly reminder to the guys that date my girls” Looking to the future when Willa Gray, Ada James, and Lennon Love are old enough to date, you can be sure that Rhett is going to be the protective dad that they deserve.

Thomas Rhett

The harmonica-filled “Ya Heard” which was another unreleased track Rhett performed for social media, is addressing the prayers that have turned into real-life dreams come true including finding love, landing a job, and the blessing of children after struggling to conceive. It closes Side A and leaves listeners excited to hear what other stories this superstar will bring to life on Side B later this year.

Love letters to his children and his wife, to a friend who went to heaven too soon, to God, and most importantly to his fans Thomas Rhett further proves that he is a true songwriter and can take his extraordinary and simple parts of his life and create music that everyone can relate to.

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