Thomas Rhett “Redneck Be Like” Song Review

On Friday, August 6th multi-platinum entertainer, Thomas Rhett, dropped his new song titled “Redneck Be Like”, surprising his prodigious fanbase. This rowdy new track was released at the perfect time, providing fans with just enough time to learn and love it right before the superstar gets back on the stage for his eagerly-awaited Center Point Road Tour.

Straying away from his slow, sentimental side but still getting a meaningful message across, “Redneck Be Like” highlights Rhett’s love for having a good time and is thrilled to perform it live, knowing everyone could use a good time. “This song is all about summertime and getting a chance to unwind and let loose.” Said Rhett in a press release. “We wrote it about the towns where I grew up in Georgia and Tennessee, and honestly every town we live in for the night when we go on tour. We can’t wait to see y’all on the road and turn this one up.”

Right from the beginning of the song with its lively guitar lines, it sets the good vibes in place that follow right through till the very end. Everyone who works hard deserves the moments that Rhett sings about in this track, The moments ‘All day in the sun’ and ‘Always havin’ fun.’ No matter what people do in their everyday lives, in the summertime, everybody should live life like a redneck.

“We are who we are and we’re proud of it, livin’ that small-town life / Redneck redneck be like / All day in the sun / Always havin’ fun / Always gettin’ sunk in that muddy river / Always got a buzz / Always double cup / Catchin’ catfish up on some chicken liver / Doin’ all that work until the day’s done / Crack open a cold one and them redneck, redneck, redneck be like.”

If our favorite country superstar can take a break from the fast life and relax a little bit, we all can. Rhett continues to prove that he knows exactly how to turn a song into an eye-opener message fans need to hear.

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