Thomas Rhett “Slow Down Summer” Song Review

Superstar Thomas Rhett released a brand new single titled “Slow Down Summer” on Friday, November 5th. Rhett previously released his most recent album Country Again: Side A back in April and has hinted at a Side B coming soon. With 18 No. 1 songs under his belt, Rhett has a proven track record of hits.

Rhett has been one of Nashville’s leading voices for several years now. A proud family man, songwriter, host, and entertainer, he continues to take risks that pay off. Rhett had begun to craft a sound that helped take country music to crossover status. Recently, Rhett has seemingly been drawn back into the more traditional country music he grew up loving. Still, the award-winning singer loves to keep surprising fans with what he’ll do next.

“Slow Down Summer” captures the melancholy feeling everyone gets at the end of summer, but with an up-tempo backdrop. Rhett sings about wanting time to stand still with the one he loves and hoping it doesn’t have to end when fall comes around. The song has the modern sound country radio gravitates to all while keeping Rhett’s signature predominantly country efforts.

This track has everything from catchy lyrics, a melodious guitar riff, and a string section. “I was beggin,’ don’t leave, don’t go changin’ on me / Friday night lights stay away, but the Fourth of July was just smoke in the sky, and our sunburns were starting to fade.” Rhett has a brilliant way of making feel-good songs out of feelings that don’t always feel so good. As November soldiers on and the summer days have passed, “Slow Down Summer” gives fans a song that might echo their similar feelings.

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