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Thomas Rhett “Us Someday” Song Review

The ACM Award Male Artist of the Year nominee for the 2022 year, Thomas Rhett, releases a new track “Us Someday” as a sneak to his new album slated for release on April 1, 2022. This song was co-written by Rhett himself with his dad Rhett Akins, Jesse Frasure, and Amy Wedge. The good-feeling endorphin-packed tune has Rhett looking himself in the mirror to his younger self with the relationship he has with his wife Lauren Akins.

The beginning of the song starts with a wonderful string combination. The song is set up from the beginning as he remembers early in his relationship with Lauren before they were married and were only dating.

“For me, this song is sort of talking to Lauren at 19 years old telling her, ‘I know you think this is crazy, but I believe all of these things are going to happen for us.’ And now here we are, over 10 years later, and most of those things actually happened, which is just the wildest thing,” said Thomas Rhett. “I also love how different this song sounds from the rest on the project, it opens with just strings and a vocal. I hope people will listen and be able to relate with their own relationships.”

Rhett sings, “You can’t control the way life’s gonna go / But if there’s one thing that I know,” then a few lines down he sings “‘Boy, you’re a crazy dreamer’ / But I knew in that moment, babe / our love would just go deeper / My love, that would be us someday.”

Rhett just one year older than the thirty-one mark with his four beautiful baby girls will be releasing a new album titled, “Where We Started,” on April 1, 2022.

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