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Thompson Square "Country In My Soul" Song Review

Husband and wife duo, Thompson Square, is back with the release of "Country In My Soul" on April 8th, 2022. This track will be their first release this year and their first radio single in three years. The country duo is best known for their success in the early 2010s, including two major albums and four top 10 singles. Their first number-one hit "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not" went double platinum and was nominated for a GRAMMY award in 2011.

"Country In My Soul" is a "windows down and volume up" kind of song with a perfect tempo for moving into the warmer months. Longtime fans of Thompson Square will notice plenty of their unique sound is still intact, including the production style and the pair's signature harmonies. The track begins with a rock-tinged guitar riff that steers into Shawna's lead vocals. Her vocal performance on this tune showcases the power and twang that she can deliver, while Keifer perfectly harmonizes throughout the song.

This track is very personal lyrically, even if it touches on many seemingly common things about a rural upbringing. Shawna specifically mentions her home state of Alabama, stories about her parents, and touches on the commonalities that make the country experience with lines like, “I’m talkin' Alabama with a red bandana / Coastline to coastline / No matter which way the crow flies” and “Daddy played the six-string I sang Patsy / So I've got a little crazy in my bones."