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Thompson Square Releases Two New Songs

Thompson Square has made no sign of slowing down since their latest single. Today, they released “Nothing More Beautiful” and “What We’re Fighting For” in a quick turnaround from April’s release of “Country in My Soul” which marked their first single release since 2019.

“Nothing More Beautiful” is the perfect country love song about the little things in a relationship, even listening to a heartbeat. The duo sings descriptive lines like, “There’s nothing more beautiful / Than hearing your heartbeat dance / To a tin roof rain.” It’s a tune that calls for its listeners to fall in love, and its slower tempo and adoring tone create the environment for romance.

Keifer and Shawna Thompson, the husband and wife duo that make up Thompson Square, have been married for over 20 years. Their harmony, both literally and figuratively, is present in their music, especially their newest release. They've kept the momentum refreshing since making their debut in 2002.

The second release, “What We’re Fighting For” is more upbeat, but it continues the loving tone found in its predecessor. The two tunes pair together like cheese and fine wine by showing both the sentimental and difficult sides of love. They sing “Loving me ain’t always easy / it always never is.” The lyrics show that love isn’t always perfect, but it’s worth it to be with the person you love.

Keifer is the key vocalist in “Nothing More Beautiful,” whereas Shawna is the main voice in “What We’re Fighting For.” Their harmony is featured in both making the blend perfect for the romantic theme that the duo puts in their music.

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