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Thompson Square "Without You" Song Review

The platinum-selling duo known as Thompson Square is back with a brand-new single. "Without You" will surely be the cure to any leftover winter blues, as this song can get everyone ready for that happy, summer feeling.

Keifer and Shawna Thompson are a husband and wife duo that has been making harmonious music for many years. They rose to fame with the smash hit song, "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not," which is still beloved as it was in 2011. "If I Didn't Have You" was another love song that garnered radio play as well as fan attention. Still doing what they know best, the Thompsons are ready to show listeners what new music they have up their sleeves.

"Without You" represents what it feels like to feel whole because of someone's love. As they both sing lyrics about how much they need each other, the song still feels light and airy over such a deep sentiment. "You can't sing a song that ain't got no words / Sea's just a sea till you're driving in the dirt / A church ain't a church without some people in the pews / And I ain't no good without you."

The tune builds in progression as it goes straight for the chorus. There lies real passion and confidence in how the duo sings about their love. While songs about needing someone tend to feel more like ballads, this track is effortless and perfect to sing with the windows down.

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