Tiera “Gentleman” Song Review

New and on the rise, with the blend of her sweet southern sound and classy lifestyle she shares online, Tiera kicked off her music career in March of 2020. Only a year later, she released her first EP with great success and built a steady fanbase from there. “Gentleman” is her first release this fall, where she takes that southern country-pop sound and slows it down with her classic lyricism that she’s known for. From headlining her own show on Apple Music, to getting married and building her career as a singer-songwriter, Tiera has seen nothing but success leading up to her release of “Gentleman.”

“You got that southern charm / You got that take me out and wear me on your arm / You got the tab / You got the door / They don’t make ’em like you anymore / You know I love that about you / I wouldn’t change a thing about you / I’m in a mood, what can I say / I really hope you’re on your way.”

With help from Big Machine Records and the rest of her team, Tiera has created the perfect elegant song that she defines best herself. “My heart is in country music, but I draw inspiration from all different genres,” the Alabama native shares, “So you’re going to hear everything from country to R&B, the classics to the new, and all the feel-good songs that set fire to your soul.” From the sound and feeling, it’s clear that’s what “Gentleman” is all about.

It’s clear from the lyrics that she’s drawn inspiration from her marriage that took place at the beginning of October. Commemorating her move to Nashville, the two were married in Franklin, Tennessee this fall after seven years of dating. The official lyric video to her new release features Tiera in all white, her wedding ring sparkling on her hand, and the room set delicately in shades of white. She holds onto her stylish and classy aesthetic while making a song all about the passion of her relationship, which is worthy of applause in the country music genre.

"Gentleman" by Tiera

“Just a heads up for when you come over / May or may not be sober / Turn off all the lights / Might not be lady like / I’m just sayin’ I don’t mind if you don’t wanna be a gentleman / You can still kiss me as slow as you like / You always been the type to take your time / Turn off all the lights.”

Tiera’s new single, “Gentleman” is a promising track that sets the artist up for even more success in the closing months of this year. Class and country mixes perfectly with her southern roots and R&B sound which is not easily forgotten in the country music genre. The anticipation for what Tiera has to come next can only linger after hearing “Gentleman,” and we can’t what to see what she has in store.

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