Tigirlily “Dig Yourself” Song Review

Country duo Tigirlily, made up of sisters Kendra and Krista, have announced that their upcoming self-titled EP is set to be released on July 9th. The EP from the North Dakota natives was produced by Shane McAnally and Louis Newman; it features five songs and each one was co-written by the girls. In a press release, the duo stated, “When writing these songs for our EP, we wanted to share hints of who we are as people, artists, and sisters.” They go on to say, “Our hope is that this EP changes the course of people’s day for the better and brings some light into the world.” 

The first of the five tracks were released last Friday (June 11th). “Dig Yourself,” song number three on the forthcoming EP, is a feisty, bold, boot-stomping tune calling out someone’s egoistic actions. It starts off with a daunting guitar-based instrumental; it creates an almost sinister feeling. From the first line that goes, “You could get away with murder / With eyes that blue,” listeners are bound to be hooked in on the story that unfolds throughout “Dig Yourself,” wondering where it’s going to go. 


The standout part of the song comes during the post-chorus when the drums pick up and the sudden sound of hearty handclaps takes over. During this part, the girls exclaim, “But I don’t know if you’ll ever find yah / Someone who loves you as much as you.” It’s also worth noting how well the two sister’s voices complement each other. Kendra sings the main melody while Krista effortlessly harmonizes with her rich vocals; their voices put together make for a great listening experience. 

“Dig Yourself” isn’t the traditional breakup tune. It’s not sad and slow, but deservedly angry. It’s filled with fire, and it’s also empowering to hear the duo sing about distancing themselves from someone who is clearly self-observed, knowing they deserve better.

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