Tigirlily Self-Titled EP Review

North Dakota natives Kendra and Krista make up your new favorite country music sister duo, Tigirlily. These sisters have been performing music together for over eight years and recently signed with Monument Records after they released their single “Somebody Does” and it climbed the country music charts earlier this year. After moving to Nashville they opened for country acts such as LeAnn Rimes, Big and Rich, and Justin Moore and played over 190 shows in 2019 alone. Today they released their debut self-titled EP Tigirlily with five songs that will help you get to know them better as musicians, artists, and sisters.

The first song off the EP is “My Thang” is a self-love anthem, all about doing what you want, when you want, and however you want. This song has a laid-back summery feel to it that makes you want to kick back and just vibe along and just do your own “Thang”. “Somebody Does” is the second song off their EP and the one that shot the sister duo to their record deal. The song reminds everyone that there will always be someone out there that loves you and you’re the reason they are happy, they don’t know who needs to hear it but they know that “Somebody Does”.


“Everybody’s On Something”, a sad slow ballad that details the struggles people are going through. Someone’s on a diet, prescription pills, a plane going far away, or stuck on an ex-love. “Dig Yourself” is a darker song that calls out an ex who only cares about themselves and isn’t capable of caring about anyone else. The last song on the EP is titled “Known You Forever” a beautiful song about going back to your roots and spending time with people who have been in your life forever to remind you of who you really are. We love the new EP and are so excited to see what Tigirlily does next!

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