Top 5 Kacey Musgraves Music Videos

Kacey Musgraves has a presence like no other. When she isn’t on tour, we can watch this amazing performer in her visually pleasing music videos. From the amazing cinematography to Musgraves’ stunning fashion choices, her videos are always a highlight. Here is a list of our top 5 favorite Kacey Musgraves music videos.

1. “Breadwinner”

Though she claims this is her “very unofficial video” for “Breadwinner,” it is so well polished and seamless. There are shots of her simply just singing the lyrics while getting her makeup done, which give us an insight into her day-to-day life in the music industry. This music video features behind-the-scenes looks at her visuals for the star-crossed: the film. While it isn’t thoughtfully choreographed, is interesting to see her from several different perspectives.

2. “High Horse”

This music video matches Musgraves’ lyrics well in the sense that they perfectly convey a storyline. At the beginning of the video, we see Musgraves working in an office with some conceited people. She displays a sense of annoyance and wishes her co-workers would get off their “high horse.” In later shots, she is seen daydreaming about being in a karaoke bar with her friends. She is seen in a light blue sequin jumpsuit with flared bottoms. Musgraves is absolutely glowing in these shots. We see her dancing around and having a good time. This video contains a wonderful storyline and stunning costumes; it’s absolutely unforgettable.

3. “simple times”

The “simple times” video tells quite a story. Musgraves and her friends all go to the mall for some crazy weapons and bank robbing attire. They change into their new “uniform” and then trash a wedding dress shop. This video is “Mean Girls” meets “Kill Bill” realness. Fans often believe this video was in response to Musgraves’ divorce from Ruston Kelly. Though she never mentions it in interviews, the wedding dress scene is an interesting choice to include, especially when rage and anger are involved. Overall, this video contains a lot of symbolism that is important to Musgraves’ life and career.

4. “Are You Sure” ft. Willie Nelson

This Willie Nelson classic was beautifully remastered by Musgraves in 2015. In the video, she sings the tune as a duet with Nelson himself. It’s an easy-listening song, displaying nothing but true country vocals. The video is simple with its location, acting, and characters, yet incredibly appealing to watch over and over again. The neon pink lighting of the bar is perfectly her. Musgraves and Nelson have wonderful chemistry and stage presence within this video. Seeing this duet makes fans want more duets with Nelson.

5. “Rainbow”

“Rainbow” is a video everyone must watch, even those who don’t prefer country music. Within this video, we see several storylines of people who are struggling with different personal issues. These people are seen in the shadows while Musgraves appears glowing like an angel. As the video goes on, Musgraves reminds these people that “there’s always been a rainbow hanging over your head.” We can see these people being saved with a literal rainbow hanging over their heads. The last shot is Musgraves in a stunning, glimmering dress surrounded by flowers and rainbows. The video is cinematically breath-taking. Not only this, but it is also so moving; the symbolism of the rainbow and Musgraves’ glowing face is deep. This video is one you won’t want to skip.

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