Top Five Pam Tillis Songs From The ‘90s

Beloved ‘90s country music star Pam Tillis is the daughter of country singer Mel Tillis and was lucky enough to grow up in Music City. Tillis’ career started to take off in the ‘80s, but it was in the ‘90s where she found real country music success with the albums Homeward Looking Angel (1992), Sweetheart’s Dance (1994), and Greatest Hits (1997) being certified platinum and two other albums certified gold. 

Tillis won three major awards in the ‘90s with a Grammy for Best Country Collaboration for “Same Old Train,” Country Music Association’s Female Vocalist of the Year in 1994, and CMA’s President’s Award in 1998.

Whether you’re already an avid Tillis fan rediscovering these songs or new to her music, you will love her top five songs from the ‘90s.

1. “Mi Vida Loca” (1994)

“Mi Vida Loca over and over. Destiny turns on a dime. I go where the wind blows. You can’t tame a wild rose. Welcome to my crazy life.”

2. “Don’t Tell Me What To Do” (1990)

“Don’t tell me what to do. You’ve already said we are through. I’m a page that you have turned, I’m no longer your concern. So, don’t tell me what to do. I’ll love you forever if I want to.”

3. “Maybe It Was Memphis” (1991)

“What was I supposed to do standin’ there lookin’ at you? A lonely boy far from home. Maybe it was Memphis. Maybe it was southern summer nights. Maybe it was you, maybe it was me, but it sure felt right.”

4. “Shake The Sugar Tree” (1992)

“I’ll shake the sugar tree, ’til I feel your love falling all around me. You gotta tend to what you planted, and if you take my love for granted, baby, I’ll shake the sugar tree.”

5. “When You Walk In The Room” (1994)

“I can feel that something pounding in my brain just anytime that someone speaks your name. Trumpets sound and I hear thunder boom every time that you, every time that you, every time that you, walk in the room.”

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