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Top Songs Written by Will Weatherly

Will Weatherly is a songwriter and producer based in Nashville. He has written songs for many country artists including Kane Brown, Florida Georgia Line, Lady A, and other big-name artists. Here are his top five songs he has written in the last decade.

1. “Good As You” by Kane Brown

“Good As You” was co-written with Kane Brown, Weatherly, and three other songwriters. The group could not figure out the perfect sound for the song, until Weatherly played a drum beat that sounded fitting. After that moment, the song was written in 45 minutes. With over 155 million streams on Spotify alone, “Good As You” became a hit.

2. “Good Time To Be Alive” by Lady A

“Good Time To Be Alive” was released in 2017 on Lady A’s album, Heart Break. This upbeat melody was featured as the seventh song on the album that was nominated for CMA’s Album of the Year in 2017. The song was written by the writing trio made up of Emily Weisband, Will Weatherly, and busbee. They all were on a trip to Florida when inspiration struck.

3. “I Love My Country” by Florida Georgia Line

This chart topper ranked number eight on Billboard’s US Hot Country Songs in 2020. The hit was co-written with Ernest, Kane Brown, Charlie Handsome, Corey Crowder, and Chase McGill. The team of incredibly talented singer-songwriters accomplished great things when “I Love My Country” hit millions of streams within a few months.