Troy Cartwright ‘Memory Machine Sessions’ EP Review

Texas newcomer Troy Cartwright released his live EP titled Memory Machine Sessions on Friday, May 21st. A proven touring success with raw talent, Cartwright knows exactly what country music lovers want to hear.

Cartwright has already won praise from critics. Billboard said he “will appeal to fans of Eric Church and Chris Stapleton.” The Boot hailed him as “one of Texas’ most exciting newcomers.” The Berklee-trained musician was also featured as one of Rolling Stone’s “10 Country Artists You Need to Know.”

“Hung Up On You” is the previously released fan favorite single. The song is filled with hooks that draws in the listener. The line “that damn jukebox, it’s like a memory machine,” inspired the title of the EP. The instrumental riff aligns perfectly with Cartwright’s vocal abilities.

Cartwright pays homage to the events that shaped him in “My First Beer.” A nostalgic perspective paired with a beautiful guitar melody makes it a relatable track. Another song that plays to that same feeling is “Shoulders.” Cartwright sings about the obstacles and experiences those who have come before him have passed onto him. “He showed me how a song could feel like coming home, and that’s something I take everywhere with me.”

Southern rock is definitely felt throughout Cartwright’s discography. The best example can be found when listening to “Hammer.” The track resembles that of Church or Stapleton. The base and drums alone can make anyone feel something in their core. It’s sure to be the new fan favorite when performed live.

Cartwright shows his softer side with the track “Love Like We Used To.” The song depicts what it’s like when wanting to stall the goodbye process of a breakup. Vulnerability is a theme Cartwright excels at when writing, but this song seems to take it one step further.

Memory Machine Sessions ends on quite the inspirational note with “Shine On Me,” a song Cartwright has been promoting recently on his social media. This track combines country, southern rock and a hint of gospel. “If it happened for my parents, Johnny and June, one of these days love’s gonna shine on me too.” This EP is dynamically different from other recent releases. Cartwright’s style and sound aim to take him to some pretty high places.

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