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Troy Cartwright "Unlove You (Sad Version)" Song Review

Singer-songwriter Troy Cartwright is giving fans a new single to fall in love with. The aptly titled track "Unlove You (Sad Version)" speaks to his persona as the "heartbreak troubadour" he describes himself as.

The Texas native has been talented addition to Nashville for quite some time now. He has been able to put his heart and soul into words that can resonate with the masses. Cartwright brings an authentic feel with his country roots. His debut album was released in 2015 and he has since put out songs and projects that showcase his artistry. His most recent project Just Kids, released in 2022, included the songs "That's Why" and "Boys Like Trucks." any new music from Cartwright is a welcomed relief.

Cartwright's hypnotic voice sings through the pain of being in a "situationship" of sorts. It's when you're not in an exclusive relationship, but the feeling are certainly there. When two people just can't seem to find their way. Cartwright illustrates through his lyrics how hard it can be to try and get over someone. "If I could unfeel your fingertips / maybe then I'd feel okay / I've been up for days / staring at a drink / trying to unremember every little thing/ trying to hit delete on me and you." This could very well be the song someone out there has been needing to get them through a diffi