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Twinnie ‘Hollywood Gypsy’ (Reimagined) EP Review

About a year ago, British country-pop singer-songwriter by the name of Twinnie released her debut studio record Hollywood Gypsy. The album was made up of 12 different tracks and was a huge success as it went No. 1 on the UK iTunes Country Chart. Twinnie later re-released the album in its entirety with an all-acoustic version of each song. Now, Twinnie is back with an EP titled Hollywood Gypsy (Reimagined) where she gave five of the original songs a fresh, new twist in their sound.

Right from the start, Twinnie shows off versatility with the first song on the EP: a reinvention of her song Better When I’m Drunk. The new version starts off with the familiar iPhone sounds of the taps on the keyboard and the whoosh sound that rings out when you send a text message. Better When I’m Drunk (Reimagined) is melancholic, soulful, and gives Twinnie’s voice the time to sparkle. The original is filled with loud, blaring guitars but the reimagined track is the opposite with a piano that plays haunting chords. There is something raw about Twinnie’s sound in this new take of the song; she sounds like she’s singing by herself in the back of a rundown bar in dim lighting, pouring her heart out to strangers willing to listen. The song is more drawn out. The reimagined track is over four minutes long while the original doesn’t even make it to the three minute mark. This is an excellent and strong start to a clearly thought-out body of work.


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