Twinnie “Welcome to the Club” Song Review

After coming off of the hype from her 2021 album Hollywood Gypsy, British country singer Twinnie’s new single, “Welcome to the Club,” provides the same sense of adventurous spirit and upbeat attitude needed to make this song an instant hit on the country stage. The song, released on February 18th, 2022, is the first in a series to be released by Twinnie this coming spring.

The song is immediately intriguing with a soothing introductory guitar melody, allowing the listener to get comfortable as Twinnie sings about feelings that can resonate with any audience: feeling like an outsider. While the melodies and beats themselves are fun and upbeat, it’s truly the lyrics that set this song apart. In “the club” that Twinnie writes about, everyone is welcome and a part of a greater community that is free of judgment and only serves to celebrate individuals from all walks of life.

“Welcome to the club / Everybody’s here / Grab yourself a drink / Let your worries disappear. Jump up on the floor / Don’t you wanna dance / Roll with the beat / Yeah, raise up your hands.”

"Welcome to the Club" by Twinnie

Twinnie ‘Welcome To The Club’ album cover CR: Fraser Taylor

Written by Twinnie, Phil Barton, and Lindsay Rhymes, the collaboration of such talented musicians makes this song an impactful addition to 2022’s rapidly growing roster of incredible songs. The song was recorded entirely in Nashville, Tennessee with the help of producer Ben Johnson and reflects “self-love, self-confidence, and acceptance” which brings a thematic element to Twinnie’s work.

“We’re all human / Just doing, doing, doing what we’re doing / Some days are down / Some days are up / We all need a little love / So welcome to the club.”

Twinnie’s music serves as a “musical refuge” in which everyone can find a place, and the upbeat tone of the song reinforces how in Twinnie’s musical community, no one gets left behind. With many more songs on the horizon from this artist, we can’t wait for the rest of the spring and many more songs from her as we prepare for a new wave of tunes by Twinnie.

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