Tyler Braden ‘What Do They Know’ EP Review

Alabama native, Tyler Braden, is rocking his way to the top. Signed to Warner Music, he’s scored over 70 million streams to date. Recently he hopped on Brantley Gilbert’s THE WORST COUNTRY TOUR OF ALL TIME, and will continue touring with him across the country and even into Canada.

This country rocker’s fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of more content. Just to raise anticipation, Braden pre-released three of the seven songs on his newest project; “Ways To Miss You,” “Secret,” and “What Do They Know, ” causing Sounds Like Nashville to compliment the track as a “strong life anthem about really trusting yourself and ignoring naysayers.” The wait is coming to an end with Braden’s debut EP titled, WHAT DO THEY KNOW, which dropped today, November 19th, 2021.

The project was produced by Randy Montana, Mark Holman, and Adam Wood. Tracks were co-written by Jason Nix, Mark Holman, James McNair, Adam Wood, Michael Whitworth, and Aaron Scherz. In just seven songs, Braden shows off the wild spectrum of talent he possesses. The first track “Better Off” is a classic driving-with-the-windows-down song. The tone and emotion in his strong, warm vocals with the flowing production draw on the heartstrings leaving the audience hanging onto and belting along with every line. The next track, “What I See,” has a daydream-like groove where Braden clearly paints a picture of building a future with the one he cares most about.

Tyler Braden

The hidden gem in this EP is “Try Losing One”. This ballad full of remorse and regret shows Braden’s most vulnerable side. Listeners are able to see a burden he carries with him over lost love. The true art is how clear and relatable the track is. The emotion and vulnerability he is able to capture through his vocals are truly impressive. From ballad to rock, this project displays Braden’s raw, powerful talent in the most complimentary way.

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