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Tyler Chambers "Loves Me Like A Small Town" Song Review

Tyler Chambers is a name many will soon be hearing about. The talented singer-songwriter has released his brand new song "Loves Me Like Small Town." For those who haven't gotten a chance to listen to his music, this track is a great introduction.

Georgia has delivered plenty of country stars through the years. Luke Bryan, Alan Jackson, Trish Yearwood, and Sam Hunt are just a few to call it home. Chambers is part of a new crop of artists from the state who are carving out their own sound. His songs "Dirt Roads For Days" and "Work Hard Pray Harder" showcase what he is all about. His music doesn't shy away from the small town and country environment he was born and raised in. For lovers of lyrics about two lanes and hollers, Chambers is the one to watch.

"Loves Me Like A Small Town" is a down-home and old-fashioned love song. The tune speaks to the simple life and what people from small towns hold dear. Through every line he sings, Chambers echoes the kind of love he receives. Chambers' voice is believable and authentic, which is needed for a song such as this one. It's an easy listen and doesn't steer away from the traditional genre lines.

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