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Tyler Rich “A Little Bit Of You” Song Review

California-raised, Nashville-based country singer Tyler Rich released a new song titled “A Little Bit Of You” today Friday, November 12, 2021. Rich announced the release of the track last week on his Instagram story. “A Little Bit Of You” was recorded with, produced by, and co-written by Jaren Johnston from The Cadillac Three. Other co-writers on the song include Neil Mason from The Cadillac Three and the late Andrew Dorff. This single is being released on the heels of Rich’s most recent hit “Better Than You’re Used To,” which currently has over 39 million global streams across platforms.

Rich describes his song as “a song about desperation.” “Wanting just one more kiss, one more night, one more taste of the life you had before with that special person in hopes it will help you heal,” he shares. In this song, Rich reflects the feelings that all people have – the need for acceptance, devotion, and places to call their own. He also reflects the pain of having those things taken away from you, and listeners will be able to hear the pain in his voice through the way he sings. “A Little Bit Of You” is hauntingly beautiful, especially in the showcase of Rich’s vocal power.

The instrumentation of the song begins with a rootsy-acoustic country intro that leads listeners into reflective lyrics. Rich describes the process of working with Jaren Johnston of The Cadillac Three as “an incredible process.” He further adds that Jaren “Put together the perfect band, and he can’t put into words how much this song came to life in the studio.” The song transformed from, “A song we all loved, to a record that fully embodies the emotion behind every word.” Through the pain in Rich’s voice and what he’s shared about the song, “A Little Bit Of You” is deeply personal to him.

This song sounds like it will be joining “Better Than You’re Used To” and “The Difference” as signature hits of his catalog. This release comes as Tyler wraps up a run of live shows that celebrated his debut album, Two Thousand Miles. Tyler teased on his Instagram that he is excited to hit the road even harder in 2022. It’s safe to say that these are exciting times to be a fan of Tyler Rich.

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