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Underappreciated Songs by The Chicks

On October 14th, 1974, The Chicks' lead vocalist, Natalie Maines, was born. She is and has always been an absolute powerhouse of a singer, mother, and activist. To celebrate her birthday, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite underappreciated songs by The Chicks.

1. “Set Me Free”

This song is the final track on Gaslighter and by far the heaviest. “Set Me Free” is about the end of Maine’s marriage with Adrian Pasdar. It reflects on the time they had together while also addressing the hardships at the end. Their divorce was extremely messy, leading to court battles over child support, attorney fees, and unreleased music. The song is Maine’s way of letting go of the pain she faced. “Decency / Would be for you to sign and release me / If you ever loved me / Then will you do this one last thing? / Set me free, set me free.”

2. “Sin Wagon”

If you are looking for a good time, “Sin Wagon” is for you. The message in the song is about how every girl has a wild side that must be let out. Fun Fact: The title is a reference to a line in the movie, Grease. Every detail makes this song amazing. From the rasp in Maine’s voice to the banjo solo, this is a song for every wild girl. “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition / Need a little bit more of that sweet salvation / They may take me / With my feet draggin' / But I'll fly away on a sin wagon.”

3. “White Trash Wedding”

“White Trash Wedding” is a fast-paced, storytelling song that should be played at every bachelorette party. The song is full of repetitive lyrics yet is so telling. The Chicks performed this song during their MMXVI Tour. At their performance, they had eight instrumentalists on stage. The song in itself is impressive, but the live staging is even more mind-blowing. “I shouldn't be wearing white/ And you can't afford no ring.”