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Undiscovered: 5 Alison Krauss Songs We Know You'll Love

Alison Krauss may be known for her sad love songs, but today is a happy day in the bluegrass-country artist’s life as it's her birthday. Her voice and skill with the fiddle have been in action since she was a child, and her sound has only grown more relevant over the years. Krauss has been in the industry most of her life, so it’s only fair that country music celebrates her 51st birthday alongside her. Happy birthday Alison Krauss!

1. “Too Late To Cry”

This track was released in 1987 on her debut album of the same name and it still brings its audience to an emotional catharsis with her artful lyrics. From the first verse, the audience is able to relate to Krauss’s heartbreak, “Sitting all alone with my whiskey on ice / I wonder why he’s not with me tonight.” Her creative choice to put such deceptively upbeat music with sad lyrics shows the complexity of love. Krauss sets the tone for her sound that would build her career into what it is today.

2. “Winter of a Broken Heart”

This track, from I’ve Got That Old Feeling, features the angelic voice that Krauss is known for. It’s more of a ballad than most of her other work, but it still demonstrates her bluegrass sound while displaying her heart-wrenching lyrics, “But seasons change and lovers too / And winter's twice as cold / But the fire in one heart is always burning.” Krauss's visual metaphor about lost love is relatable to the audience and brings more to the music than just an explicit declaration of despair.

3. “River In The Rain”