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Undiscovered: 5 Brett Young Songs We Think You'll Love

In honor of country singer Brett Young's birthday, we've chosen five tracks from his expansive discography that you may not know, but are sure to love.

1. "Olivia Mae"

"'Cause Olivia Mae, I saw you standing there / Laughing, playing with your hair / Looking like you walked out of a dream / Olivia Mae, I hope it ain't just me / From where I'm standing I can see / Us finding our own kind of meant to be."

2. "Chapters"

"There's no perfect life, you can't hold back time / But you hold on tight, hopin' you might find / Every page you turn is a lesson learned / Ain't we all, ain't we all just tryna get it right? / These are the chapters of my life, mmm..."

3. "Dear Me"

"Don't even worry it'll all be alright / There's a light at the end of these lonely nights / It's worth all the hell you're going through / What if I told you / This ain't the end you're just halfway / You'll look back and you'll thank God one day / When it's clear in your rearview Dear me / She ends up with you."