Undiscovered: 5 Cole Swindell Songs We Think You’ll Love

Platinum-selling Warner Music Nashville singer-songwriter Cole Swindell was born on this day in 1983 in Glenville, Georgia. Swindell was a trailblazer for “bro-country” mixing spirited pop into the classic country sound. Swindell has been busy the last decade releasing chart-topping hits like “Chillin’ It” in 2013, “You Should Be Here” in 2015, and “Middle of a Memory” in 2016. With all of Swindell’s top hits, you may have missed these 5 musical gems.

1. “Home Game”

“Home Game” is the fourth track on Swindell’s second album You Should Be Here released in 2016. This sweet and fun retrospective track looks back at the highlights of small-town traditions like hanging out and feeling larger than life at home games. The listener can feel the longing and nostalgia for that fleeting moment in time that was “gone in a flash” with only “pictures to prove, the good and the bad.” Swindell honors that time as sweeter for its impermanence as he cherishes those memories and happily makes way for the next generation to follow suit.

“It’s just what we did and now nothing’s changed, they’re still falling in love at the home game.”

2. “Up”

The fifth track from the same album has a simple title but it is far from being a simple song. “Up” doubles as a fun track celebrating a fun night “up on the bar” and “up on the tailgate,” and a sweet love song—“Girl, the way you rock me you know that you got me up on a high like I’m walking on clouds.”

3. “Hoppin’”


“Hoppin’,” is another track from Swindell’s 2016 album that will literally have you hopping. This high-energy, feel-good song with a rock edge is fun and stays true to Swindell’s roots. Lyrics don’t get more bro-country than singing about partying and drinking in clubs with hot girls.

“Hoppin’ in here, hoppin’ in here. Talking girls pouring the shots, boys spilling their beer. Everybody dancing with their hands up.”

4. “Reason to Drink”

Fast-forward to Swindell’s 2018 album All of It for a look at another rock influenced country track that celebrates making the most of a moment. At the surface, this song seems like a party song but there’s a depth to Swindell’s validating message of taking the time to celebrate life’s precious moments and to help each other when suffering a broken heart.

“‘Cause somebody somewhere’s probably fallin’ in love. Somebody in here might be takin’ it rough, ‘cause the girl of his dreams just left him. Hey, I’ve been there too man, I got your next one.”

5. “Both Sides of Mississippi”

Another track from Swindell’s 2018 album uncovers a mellow tone to Swindell’s vocal range with lyrics celebrating the differences that unite people from “both sides of Mississippi” when it comes to having a good time and throwing “down on Friday night.”

“Might be more trucks in Texas, than there are in Maine, and when we open our mouths, we don’t sound the same. Naw. Might live a little different, but when the weekend comes, we feel like cups at the end of the day with the same old feel-good buzz.”

Happy birthday, Cole Swindell!

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