Undiscovered: 5 Dolly Parton Songs You May Have Missed

There are stars that need no introduction, but Dolly Parton might rival them all. She’s a woman who has mastered the industries of music, film, television, and business. She has been one of the world’s most beloved entertainers for over 50 years. Even on the brightest of stages, Parton still considers herself first and foremost as a songwriter. To her credit, she has penned over 3,000 songs. A proud eastern Tennessee native, she has become well respected for her philanthropy and desire to help make this world a better place. In honor of the icon’s birthday today, here are five songs you may have missed.

1. “Two Doors Down”

“Here I am crying my heart out, feeling sorry, but they’re having a party just two doors down.”

2. “Cologne”

“You ask me not to wear cologne. She’ll know you’ve been with me alone, and you can’t take our secret home.”

3. “Daddy’s Moonshine Still”

“He drunk his share of all he made. And just one more reason I grew to hate my daddy’s moonshine still.”

4. “The Love I Used To Call Mine”

“As gentle as soft breezes blowing as warm as the summer sunshine, as sweet as the dew on the roses was the love I used to call mine.”

5. “How Does It Feel”

“I know there is no doubt that someone loves you. And I know that you know that I’ll be waiting here when you have need of me.”

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