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Undiscovered: 5 Dustin Lynch Songs We Think You’ll Love

Dustin Lynch has a few number-one songs under his belt including “Ridin’ Roads,” “Hell of a Night,” “Mind Reader,” “Small Town Boy,” and a few more. Frankly, the Tullahoma, Tennessee native has a lot to celebrate this year. To celebrate his birthday today, here are 5 songs from Dustin Lynch you may have missed.

1. “Middle of Nowhere”

Written by Lynch, Ashley Gorley, and Zach Crowell who also co-wrote “Cop Car” by Keith Urban, “Middle of Nowhere” depicts the storyline of a man and woman caught in the middle of unknown intentions from each party. Released on the country singer + songwriter’s 2014 album Where It’s At, the song’s lyrical content is messy and combats a complicated relationship leaving Lynch singing, “I don’t know which way you want me to go.”

Lynch told Breedlove, “It’s about being stuck in the friend zone and wondering if you should take a friendship into no man’s land where there’s no return. Once you kiss a friend, you’re not a friend anymore. All of a sudden you are something bigger and hopefully better, but sometimes it ends up crashing and burning pretty hard. So there’s that fear factor.”

2. “I’d Be Jealous Too”

Featured on the Current Mood record, “I’d Be Jealous Too” infuses sounds from pop to country to R&B to concoct a signature