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Undiscovered: 5 Eric Church Songs We Think You’ll Love

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Eric Church has not missed a mark since his 2006 debut album Sinners Like Me. Church has been topping the country music charts ever since with brilliant songwriting, a touch of rock and roll, and outstanding high-energy live performances. To celebrate his birthday today, we’re looking at 5 Church songs you may have missed.

1. “Before She Does”

Church lists all the things he believes in as certainly as he believes that his love isn’t coming back in this all-American track released in 2006. He knows he’s lost ‘a real good thing’ but he’s also come to accept that she’s gone for good.

I believe the Bible is cold, hard fact. And I believe that Jesus is coming back. Before she does.”

2. “The Hard Way”

Anybody wrestling with regret will relate to this track released on the same album, Sinners Like Me, in 2006. Church once again tackles the difficulty of acceptance in this track about remorse. He wishes he hadn’t had to learn some life lessons the hard way, but he’s mindful to feel his regret rather than fight against it.

Regret’s been known to give a man a beating’. But I ain’t in the mood for fighting’ back this evening.”