Undiscovered: 5 Jimmie Allen Songs We Think You’ll Love

Milton, Delaware native Jimmie Allen, signed with Broken Bow Records imprint Stoney Creek, climbed a number of ropes before garnering a few number one singles including “Make Me Want To” and “Best Shot.”. He is currently celebrating this week as his latest single “Freedom Was A Highway” which features Brad Paisley is sitting in the top spot on the country charts. Here are a few of our favorite Jimmie Allen songs.

1. “All Tractor’s Ain’t Green”

“All Tractors Ain’t Green,” written by Allen, Tim Nichols, and Brandon Hood, is featured on Allen’s debut album Mercury Lane which is named after the singer’s childhood street. The song encompasses that not everything has to be the same and that’s perfectly okay. The musical configuration holds a mid-tempo groove complimenting Allen’s glossy vocal makings. He sings, “All guitars don’t sound the same / Can’t judge whiskey by the bottle / It might go against the grain of that country boy motto / Sometimes what you get ain’t always what you see / All fields ain’t corn, and all tractors ain’t green.”

2. “Boy Gets A Truck”

Written by Ash Bowers and Aaron Scherz, “Boy Gets A Truck” was previously recorded on Keith Urban’s record Ripcord in 2016. You know it’s a good song when multiple country stars choose to feature the song on their projects. Soon after, both Urban and Allen recorded the duet together for Allen’s Bettie James Gold Edition. Urban says, “There’s a guy called Joe Fisher I work with and he sent me ‘Boy Gets a Truck,’ but he said to me, ‘Before you read the title and think you know what the song is, just play the song. I took the song to Dann Huff and said, ‘This is such a good lyric … I think we can take the song atmosphere wise and energy wise to a whole other anthemic place in the studio.'”

3. “Drunk & I Miss You” feat: Mickey Guyton

“Drunk & I Miss You” depicts all the feelings of a broken heart. The narrative finds the singer’s drunk dialing an ex over a swing, R&B-stained instrumentation. Guyton comes in about a minute into the song making it a whole lot sadder. They sing, “I’m a little drunk and I miss you / I’m a little lonely that’s all / I’m a little too gone to not to / And I’m sorry to call / But your name on my screen is staring back at me / And most nights it ain’t an issue / But baby tonight / I’m a little drunk and I miss you / I’m a little drunk and I miss you, yeah.”

4. “Flavor” feat: Pitbull and Teamwork

Who would’ve thought that a Jimmie Allen, Pitbull, and Teamwork collaboration would’ve happened? The song is riddled with lust and sensual stylistics. It’s taken solely from a Pitbull catalogue. It’s full of metaphoric lyricism that strays from Allen’s usual works. “Flavor” is released on Bettie James Gold Edition as well and it was worth the wait.

Allen says about Bettie James Gold Edition, “When it comes to music I love, I don’t really get wrapped up in boundaries or genres. There’s some pop, there’s some rock, there’s some country, there’s some R&B. I got a chance to work with legends!” Allen continues. “When I was writing some of the songs, I was trying to picture each moment. I went to each artist to work with them so they could be who they are on the song and bring their greatness to the song – I feel like that’s what makes the songs better. I’m super proud of the body of work of this album and can’t wait for people to hear it.”

5. “American Heartbreaker”

“American Heartbreaker,” written by Allen, Ash Bowers, Chris Stevens, and Lance Alan Miller, opens up the country artist’s debut album. The song boasts a cheerful atmosphere perfect for summertime. Allen sings, “When you slide on over like a steal guitar / Shinin’ like the wheels on a muscle car / Red, white, and beautiful, baby you are / American heartbreaker / Kisses sweeter than apple pie / Fire me up like the Fourth of July / Whole world watching but baby you’re my / American heartbreaker, yeah.”

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